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Within the commercialization of the retail industry, the rise of elite brands we as consumers recognize is through many mediums and the global retailers and elite within the industry spend billions to push their latest fashionable trends, it’s not solely exclusive to clothing apparel markets, car manufactures, telecom’s technology business and even in market of b2b industry design plays an important role in representing a brand within consumer markets across offline retail shop sectors.
Driving factor behind establishment of KT Group back at time our primary shareholder and CEO decided to launch his own business was element that lacked in real innovation in designs the sector consisted primarily back in early millennium of square shaped boxes that had little thought to environments and brands they would be woefully trying to excite consumers to utilize the self service side of business transaction and fast forward to current trends we the self service kiosk industry have gone main stream kiosks are now across dozens of retail vertical markets and provide services that encompass info, payment, recognition, ticketing, way-finding are just host of features a kiosk is able to perform with great success but we at KT still discover that many of these so called big tech provide the same oblong square boxes that are dull in appearance and do little to attract excitement they should be why cant a kiosk terminal be more like piece of artistic furniture or a exciting new shape that delivers part of experience to user.

Self service kiosk payment terminal
Whizz Neo Digital kiosk

In 19 years of engagement, with over a hundred we simply lost count of how many kiosk designs we have created to date our purpose in driving new business is to offer up a palette of exciting and innovative designs that provide a platform to excite visually a user to want to discover more, provide a comfortable position for user to engage with content interactively, and also to assist deployers or owners in providing easy to manage serviceability to machines so that they may be able to be easily maintained and ensure that these kiosks stay switched on and provide a valuable service.
A product design has many facets to consider, It not simply just taking an idea and plotting a drawing of shape that represents your idea you must also consider how you will implement the many facets of components that will be integrated, how will these components be maintained and easily managed and also are they safely stored so as not to inflict damage or provide vulnerabilities for illegal thefts.

self service checkout kiosk
NCR self-service checkout kiosk

Challenges are many to achieve success, the public is quick to complain if they experience poor service with a kiosk we all know and have experienced the self-service checkouts at supermarkets and KT was directly involved in the development of regeneration and improved version of self-checkout kiosks the leading provider NCR came to us back in 2013 and wanted assistance as their management were able to discern that KT abilities and knowledge was able to provide a faster turnaround and improved build engineering to design they had asked our participation to create and a decade later this product is now across global retail markets turning daily hundreds of thousands of transactions for consumers to easily make purchases and quickly complete transactions.
A well-thought-out design will not be thought of or discussed, it will go a miss in crowded retail shops but it will provide daily fast efficient reliable services to consumers and this is where our knowledge and expertise have driven KT Group to be able to speak of successes across multiple markets within self-service, are kiosks are in retail sectors in Quick Service Restaurants, Bookmakers, Casino Sportsbooks, Tourist shops, Fashion brands, Automotive showrooms, Train stations and ticketing offices, Cinemas, Shopping centers, all come to mind.

Retail Betting kiosk
self-service betting terminal

If you’re seeking to consult with a global leading self-service kiosk firm that can provide expert knowledge when it comes to large product deployments and look for experience, references, knowledge of how, and a team with a track record we are here to assist.