Full Turnkey Solution from idea to mass production

Many of the customers we work with our enterprises that require a self service terminal, the client may even know what elements they require in a machine configuration but most will not have any further knowledge or expertise which is were we come into picture.
The idea is for KT to listen to clients requirements, paying particular attention to certain key aspects to details and in synopsis we will want to know at least following.

1. Location – instore, outdoor, covered outdoor
2. The service kiosk will provide, will it be informational, payment driven, ticketing and as industry diversifies more applications become driven
3. Dimensions and weight play certain aspect in respect to location positioning and user specifics does it require access by children, disabled
4. Protection this comes into question when it require protection from elements, location and if it holds cash or sensitive items
5. Custom requirements that may not be answered in first four parts


Design then can be approached once we have an idea, KT Group may be able to offer an existing design that meets with clients ideas and also his likeness to product, otherwise one of the striking advantages here inhouse is ability to provide a custom design solution this service is a rapidly rising service we see more common requests for now.


Once we have an approval for terms we have proposed we begin work of CAD (Computer Assisted Drawings) that are needed first to prepare a rendering for clients final approval to begin on project but secondly also so we can use the 3D model drawings these will be cornerstone to use in manufacturing machinery process a set of 3D modelled blue prints are vital, and KT Group has its own internal resources to build these vital documentations.

Sample Terminal

Nearly 98% percent of customers will request us to build one or several samples for final project approval, we at KT support the build of samples as its in this process we can ensure the final mass produced goods are 100 percent accurate in every requirement.

Mass Production

Then we arrive at part of customer is now done all of its due diligence and approvals so we can begin process of mass producing the concept, KT Group has for past 6 years focussed on building terminals in quantities ranging from 25 to 400 per production run, mass production includes naturally also procurement of all parts and complete assembly of all components and items that make up a finished unit be that a simple electrical cable or a primary component like a touch monitor.

One of the challenging elements is cable routing required within terminal, in each terminal at least a dozen and sometimes more cables are needed to connect all devices to its various centrally located hubs be that electrical socket strip, pc our experienced staff ensure that all cabling is thoroughly distributed hidden and protected and also labelled.


Once all mass produced kiosks are completed we also provide a final service of quality control and testing, this is a proof that terminal works and all its various devices are also working and being recognized by installed operating system and powered up and functional, as its far easier to repair onsite than it is at client premises.


Packaging may not seem important but think that 50 machines are required in United Kingdom the travel itinerary that a terminal has to travel has quite allot of stages at least 4 different locations were it may be moved from one location to another and with each move the terminal risks damage, so ensuring protective packaging for equipment is mandatory to ensure a positive experience.

How long does it take

The full process of such a service can vary as several tangents will depend on timing, but if client is ready from day 1 to begin without trials and testing of terminal sample onsite at the location then the full process would normally take 90 days inclusive of shipping to the location as a starting point for discussions.