Go Grand or Go Micro Whizz Smart Kiosks

Retailers have always stated their most precious commodity is space. However big the retail space is the retailer must maximise his floor space, but intelligent retailers will do so by using smart kiosk technology to raise new revenues.

Creating new workflows for customers has helped our company to evolve into smart kiosk designers. Our solutions can be seen in a wide spectrum of retail innovations, powering some of the biggest brands with our smart kiosk designs.

Whizz Grand

The Grand design is not merely a skyscraper in a fleet of furniture but it’s a beacon that screams attention with its goading monitors beckoning visitors to interact or follow infotainment displayed. The Grands’ illuminated LED panels gesture, through subliminal branding and advertising, a message to grab the attention of the visitor to a bar, a retail space or area within a public attraction, for example a casino or shopping centre.

The Grand offers a complete payment suite to allow consumers to pay for services or order products via its interactive touch display. The embedded scanner will easily interact with a bar code slip either printed or digitally displayed on its reader and convert the consumers wishes into an order or confirmation of a price. Pay by cash, coin or card and even receive change, the Grand can be a multifunctional shop-in-shop kiosk solution.

Whizz Micro

The Micro design is an incredibly compact payment terminal that offers a complete turnkey payment solution at fraction of the cost hiring staff at till that delivers an interactive experience in form of a Smart kiosk touch display.   Whether you want to process payment by bar code or contactless technology the smart kiosk accepts both cash and card payments and offers receipts once transaction is complete and with its touch display users can be seamlessly guided through an interactive experience to make purchases and be upsold new products with its intelligent smart functionality.