Why do we need service in design

Why do we need Service in Design, primary benefits?

Service in kiosk design looks at the service comprehensively from the customer’s perspective for both maintenance and cost. In other words, service design applies directly to clients’ running cost and revenue impact which can result in whether a self-service kiosk project goes beyond the pilot stage and into a successful, profitable deployment.

Benefit 1: “It is cheaper to notice a design fault at the start of a project”

Let’s first state “It is cheaper to notice a design fault at start of a project” and thus choosing the right partner to supply your kiosks is definitely going to save you both time and money from the get-go. Unless the provider has documented history in developing kiosk design solutions that consider servicing and maintenance in the field, the kiosk design will most likely end up not having taken these paramount key features in the underlying design and engineering and when the kiosks become active, only then will mistakes be realized.

Benefit 2: “Leave it to the Experts”

Large corporations will traditionally not be kiosk experts themselves and hence the panel appointed to run a project may not consider impact the service kiosk design cost in their budgetary analysis. The client typically plays an audience when KT designs its kiosk and doesn’t need to know or will not know what is happening in the background but all will come to light when the project goes “LIVE” and the service kiosk design becomes apparent when the clients’ technical team, and perhaps their customers, interact with the self-service kiosk on a daily basis and realize its ease of operation.

Benefit 3: Customer Experience

We like to state that, with service kiosk design, we are leading our clients into a customer experience. We are providing for a pleasant and rewarding experience by taking the headache away from them and onto our experienced team.  Self-service is here to stay for many of our customers and thus our clients expect long-term relationship building. It’s important that trust is built from the get-go in any new business interaction and it’s our fortitude in the industry that we ensure we provide an impressive and pleasant customer service experience.

Benefit 4: Financial Benefits of Service Design

By providing a service design we deliver enhancements in savings in the form of labour, which is the biggest part of any service organization in today’s retail operations. If our service design can effectively reduce the labour needed; say, for example, our service design reduces a team from 2 to 1 technician, and that one individual spent 50% less time in gaining access to the system at fault due to service kiosk design, the yearly saving would be a massive reduction than if these service design parameters were not considered

Benefit 5: Client Customers’ Experience; how key is it?

Service designs that incorporate and play an effective role in their locations create a positive customer experience. Good design is known to lift the user experience with the interaction they have with self-service kiosks and they are much more likely to pick to utilize the service of the kiosk than with alternate solution because of past experiences. This, in turn, drives revenues upwards and customers reward a good experience with self-service to continue their experience for the future by returning.

Benefit 6: KT Approach built on 20 years and not overnight

Our skill in product design has evolved and developed over a long period of time. In fact, currently 20 years of expertise has grown from management at KT in designing all types of self-service kiosks, and the range of current designs being offered all feature service design features that deliver on all 6 benefits. Our clients are massively thankful to us which we know due to the repeat orders we receive and the growth of businesses that are choosing our self-service kiosks for their retail operations, be that in sports betting, QSR or self-service checkout kiosks in retail sectors.