Sports Betting Whizz Range extends to new designs and solutions

Sports Betting Whizz Range extends to new designs and solutions

KT Group’s growth in the sports-betting sector is a direct result of its background and entry into self-service betting from its knowledge and experience as a kiosk terminal manufacture. For the past 8 years KT has diligently developed its product range in keeping with its experience and growth in the specialised sector of sports betting, having completed several European and US leading brand deployments. In 2020, KT’s range consisted of 9 different variances of its Whizz designs and now KT has set the bar with its new ARC range.

The Arc range was designed from the ground up and, based on 8 years’ experience, is a compact kiosk that has a full suite of peripherals to suit most retail sports betting brands. As our CEO Kenneth Larsen points out, the benefit of working with a company like KT is that you, the client, can with our assistance create your own unique configuration which nowadays in the tech industry should be standard. We, however, experience that many of our competitors prefer to sell an off-the-shelf solution whereas we create the right solution and that lies core to why several leading brands are opting to go with the Whizz range of sports betting terminals.

The Arc now has a sister in the newly launched Arc Duo. The Duo development has arisen because many betting retailers still opt for a dual screen solution, whereas the Arc comes with a large, single touch monitor platform. Being a technology company that is design-orientated, we created a solution for both lovers of single big screen 32” or dual 24” screens; they both deliver impactful impressions in their chosen environments.

The range has a new slant, too. We offer to brighten up any betting location as the monitors on both the Arc and Arc Duo can come with LED light bezels. This option entices users to the machines to view more and we have found that our customers are very pleased with the results.