The Whizz kiosk range, part of the self-service kiosk range from KT Group which is synonymous with sports betting and retail payments, was recently launched on the product website

Our CEO, Kenneth Larsen, decided on the product website due to demand for more detailed product information on each of our unique Whizz kiosks, which presently stands at 9 versions but will soon be 10 when the Grand finishes the engineering blueprint development process, in Q3 of 2020.

The Whizz kiosk range consists of the Whizz, Mini Whizz, Whizz Duo, Whizz Mac, Whizz Curve, Whizz Arc, iWhizz, Whizz Micro and Whizz V. Each one in the range offers a different form factor and a slightly different touch monitor size and component configuration, but they all embody the same look and profile that has made the Whizz a leader in self-service kiosk terminal platforms and a number 1 choice with customers.

The Whizz kiosk first step was taken in 2013 and over the past 9 years product development has been underway to encompass new self-service opportunities. In the past 2 years, we have had our springboard with the latest Whizz Grand kiosk design, launching in summer 2020 and ready in Q3 for manufacturing.