XX Whizz Series

XX Series Whizz

Technology has always been a market in which design can make difference between winning product and yesterday’s news,  we launched our Whizz series product line now 5 years ago and in that time we have successfully delivered thousands of Whizz terminals and let me remind readers that Whizz terminal series consists of a dozen or so well crafted look-alike terminals that all offer unique features and selling points.

We began with Whizz and then came Whizz Duo and Whizz Mini,  these were the original trio that entered the market and soon was the lead choice for several European and US retail Sportsbet brands and they soon solidified themselves as one of the leading sports betting kiosks in a busy market space.

In 2020 a strategic design was implemented to begin redesigning the key three trio Whizz terminal series, we wanted to create an improved design that featured a centerpiece new user dashboard experience for players and making the betting process a simplified process and one that helped players keep the eyes on touch display while still be able to interact with core peripherals at the heart of betting process the ticket and payment cycle.

Whizz Mini new user dashboard
whizz xx self-service kiosk
Whizz Mini XX new series

The dynamics of improving quality of playing or interacting with our terminal kiosks in a fast-paced environment as sports betting has spurned our creative juices to develop these new enriched features to enhance the customer’s experience and these new designs will begin seeing the first installs in fast-paced sports bet markets of Europe and US in 2022 and 2023 as players become more familiar with the respective new designs