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Self-service is key to convenience easing sales to consumers and digital product services in form of paying your household utilities, alternatively buying new credits for some devices such as a mobile phone or cable tv are all solutions that have transgressed from on the shelf taking up valuable retail space to digitally morphed onto self service kiosk terminal that can without running out of stock or replace old with new services be outdated.


Digital Services self service kiosks are everywhere and KT has participated in many kiosk projects were the client core solution was to accept payments and deliver digital files or printed receipts these solutions geographically all have same principle idea behind concept but each customer had there own criteria and herein lies challenge for KT. Bespoke or custom kiosks solutions can vary or require different set of objectives to successful meet customer and also consumers experience.


First step or interaction after customer has accepted our offer is to discuss the platform or shell of concept. KT long history in delivering custom design kiosk terminals its in our dna to succeed to create a shell that meet customer wishes. Some examples of previous engagements showcase how through a dialogue between client company and KT company the end result was.

case study kiosks
challenge KT Design
Exterior and design to attract attention Utilize design-form and colour to stand out
Offer cash, coin payment and change giving Cash and Coin recycling maximise profits and reduce storing monies in terminal
Card Payment Select card devices approved by local financial institutions for payment processing
Technical support access less 1 minute Use front door access to gain access to complete terminal.

The Sign Off

Once KT has a design is selected from extensive range of kiosk concepts KT have in its catalogue or alternately we have developed brand new design KT strength lies in its experienced technical team to create a 3D CAD working digital prototype. Conceptually the idea now has formed basis for production we will herein have client walk through with our technical team CAD file to sign off on their particular unit.

Secondary and final stage for approval by client will be to tackle the exterior, the look of machine in colour format, layout of peripherals, mounting of enclosure, dimensions of unit all are given to customer for their final say so before prototyping stage.

case study graphic

Client Paylink (Vietnam) Model SimW 3D CAD snapshot


Client Paylink (Vietnam) Model SimW Rendering


Client PAYnGO (Cambodia) Model SIMW
Before any solution can be mass manufactured a fully working prototype is required as a final approval for customer and shareholders its an integral key step that signs off the project and can result in alterations in some cases as it is used for sourcing any bugs or oversights.

inside workings

Mass Production

Whenever in business you require to produce many or mass produce there are several key critical steps to address before you can begin deploying dozens of kiosks the most critical shared in table below.

Expertise in producing hundreds of kiosks is specialist knowledge, it is paramount for customers that each machine is identical and is fully technically accurate without any deviances. Imagine a controlled contract of 1000 machines that are to be built in portions of 100 per shipment over 12 months and the task can feel monumental. Ensure that manufacture has pedigree and experience and manpower to take on such a role ask for references and examples before making a decision.

kiosk range

Client Top Picture PAYnGO (Cambodia) Model C8 Bottom Picture Paylink (Vietnam) Model VFS

challenge KT Design
Certification Product require certification such as CE, UL, FCC as example
Technical Manual Full instructional manual must be provided for machine operation
Quality Control Each step must be quality controlled, using drawings and check lists
Testing Final testing of each machine once completed before shipment
Packaging for shipment Right packaging is chosen for preferred transportation service
Shipment Handling Specialist logistics firm which handles tech products handles shipments
Spare Parts Access Offer access to spare parts and how to source them
Support Internal technical support given to customers for issues or problems
After Service Ensure supplier is established for continuous support of installation