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Self-service is key to retail industry it reduces cost ownership and provides a certain provision of confidentiality to users which is very relevant in a industry were consumers can feel it be intrusive.


Sports betting firms who operate and manage retail offline stores are continually seeking new solutions for a revenue driven market and revenues and product satisfaction are key in an industry which is saturated so it can be hard to differentiate itself from competition.


First step or interaction after customer has accepted our offer is to discuss the platform or shell of concept. KT long history in delivering custom design kiosk terminals its in our dna to succeed to create a shell that meet customer wishes. Some examples of previous engagements showcase how through a dialogue between client company and KT company the end result was.

Client BetFirst showcasing the existing concept and then new redesign by KT Group

Challenge KT Design
Exterior and design to attract attention Utilize design-form and colour to stand out
Offer cash and coin payments and storage safe Cash and coin stored in small metal locked safe
Card Payment Select card devices approved by local financial institutions for payment processing
Technical support access less 1 minute Use front door access to gain access to complete terminal
Easy to transport Rear Wheels fixed to pedestal for ease of move
Stand out to create attention in crowded market place Create new form factor that differentiates from market norm design
Timeless design Client went from initial 200 to 1800 terminals

The Sign Off

Client initially requested KT to manufacture an already existing design based on concept shown on image on left side “Original Design” but the clients retailers were demanding something that didn’t appear dull and boxed shaped, KT creative team created a concept that allowed for similar size but to structure design to create a form factor that was timeless and stood out as different to competition. Beast was created in 2 weeks and client did not hesitate to sign off the redesign the success of Beast is reflected on initial order of 200 grew over next 6 years to 1800 machines.

Mass Production

Whenever in business you require to produce many or mass produce there are several key critical steps to address before you can begin deploying dozens of kiosks the most critical shared in table below.


The Beast has been deployed nationwide in Belgium and with growth expansion the brand is now retailer leader in its marketplace for sports-betting.