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KT Group’s growth and strengths have relied on delivering innovation in design. Our credence and reputation is built on our designs; one can say they have become the silent ambassador to our brand identity and we pursue our success and growth with each new project.   The birth of the Whizz kiosk range came on the back end of the “Beast” project that KT delivered to a leading sportsbook brand that had approached us to redesign their brands identity with a fresh new kiosk. In many ways, the “Beast” was the beginning of a new venture for KT, into a market that has driven KT Group’s kiosk identity as a leading sports betting kiosk innovation technology supplier.

Original design 2014

The core of the original form for the Whizz was that KT’s design and technical team identified some key proponents to improve the original “Beast” design. The birth of our new range, on the back of the “Beast” project, allowed us to address some key points, as shown below:

The design team, using these key parameters, developed a new design on back of those reference points. The Whizz design came about, and our achievement had been born. Unlike other projects KT management created, the Whizz was not a client-based project, but was on the backend of another project, therefore KT Group had to seek a new opportunity for us to understand if the achievement had been successful.

The Project

Opportunities come from many different avenues and having a multitude of sources certainly has delivered us some incredibly challenging, and also rewarding, customer cases. The whizz was born from an entrance into sports betting, but it required a very unique client to showcase it, which is why KT Group’s knowledge was proven in the field. That client came in form of SNAITech.

SNAITech is the market leader in its local domestic market, in the industry of sports betting. The firm is a mixture of private enterprise, Cogemat, and government, SNAI, that merged to become SNAITech and in their new-found merger the company launched its self-service platform “Betsmart” onto the local market. Having performed inhouse and pilot trials with KT Group terminals, the end result was the Whizz.


The original Whizz design was created in 2014, but as with most successful product inventions, the solution went through a product development and “The Whizz” was in no way different. The form and design has been tweaked into its current form 3 times so far. These minor modifications in form developed from real life market surveys and has evolved a product that now reached a market pinnacle. It is thanks to the KT technical and engineering team, with real life feedback from clients’ data, that we could achieve our results for a solution that is the best in class for a sportsbook sports betting kiosk.

Betsmart retail


Product innovation in any industry, if success is achieved, will most certainly spearhead a pursuance of evolving the original concept into different forms and with the Whizz having achieved three times more growth than originally anticipated, by both manufacture and client, we at KT Group decided to spearhead product innovation towards a form factor we labelled the “Whizz kiosks”; a range that were similar in look but different in form to allow for modifications to meet demand.

In the past 36 months, KT Group have evolved the Whizz sports betting kiosk range to encompass 7 different variances of form, which are illustrated below. There is a solution that can be achieved using a different kiosk cabinet to suit the most discerning sportsbook customer and with the option to customize screen size and specification of components in all of these models, they are some of the most versatile kiosk designs that fulfil sports betting company requirements, in retail locations, on the market today.