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Custom Solutions

Our solutions are created once the client approves specification and design, ensuring we deliver the best machine for the project. Our team are experts in the field of custom design and engineering and our solutions are aesthetically matched to the customers’ design specification and technically advanced to deliver the best solution for clients’ and users’ requirements.

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Quality Manufacturing

KT Group machines are created with care and craftsmanship by our experienced teams, resulting in kiosks that standout and have easy-to-service internal design. We only use the best quality components in our terminals, from trusted suppliers, so the interior of your machine looks as good and works as well as the outside. What’s more, every terminal we produce is subjected to rigorous quality control procedures, ensuring that they’re compliant with industry standards and certifications. Regardless of what you want to create, we guarantee speed, care and professionalism every step of the way.

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Tried and Tested Designs

We have amassed 15 years’ plus experience in designing and creating industry-leading kiosk terminals – seeing projects through from conception to completion. Through this experience we have honed our craft, allowing us to deliver first-class, customised solutions to our customers. We have a vast catalogue of designs for you to draw inspiration from, with terminals to suit a range of functions and requirements. We understand that time is money, which is why we offer the choice of these fully customisable machines to get your desired solution to market in double quick time.

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Whizz Family

KT Group are very proud to present our Whizz family of kiosks. From the patriarchal “Whizz” to the Duo, Curve, Arc, Mini, Micro and V, our range of machines are created with care and craftsmanship by our experienced teams, resulting in a kiosk family that stands out and have easy-to-service internal design. This range of kiosks will enhance any establishment with their bold designs, and enable our clients to maximise their profitablity with the use of note and coin acceptors and recyclers, as well as printers, barcode scanners and RFID readers.

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All images are of past and present KT kiosks.

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We have custom kiosk manufacturing capabilities offering mass manufacturing solutions.

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